these are


real 3d




If you have a stereolithic viewer you can print them to have the full pleasure, but even if you don't there's a possibility to watch them.

A high screen resolution is required (at least 1024 x 768). Here's how to proceed:

1. darken your room, so your monitor is the only light


click on one of the images below - this might already switch to fullscreen depending on your browser and settings - to go back, please remember CTRL + W to close the window
3. switch to full screen (if not already)
4. take a comfortable seat and place yourself 0,5 - 1 meter in front of your screen
5. look straight ahead and relax, it may take a while but then a 3D-image will appear

to see the next picture, just click the image

mortns alarm clock mercedes benz gaze crumpelt filterbox what is this tool? egytian coin some medieval glass trash - yes this is real
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