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news 2001 date
Added a nice flash movie (go to products) 25.11.01
Restructured archi-site. It's not perfect but still much better than it was before. 23.11.01
Updated the city of dreams - now most pictures available 21.11.01
Now some cool 3d-images (stereolithics) in products 16.11.01
New look new pix - go to mortns for more visual information 14.11.01
Added indices for summer 01 part 1-4 05.11.01
Finally back from holidays - I'm going to add some updates soon 14.10.01
updated links section, added weather page (go to products to find it) 14.07.01
finally added citywalk pictures taken 09. Mai '01 between 3:30 and 5am click the green line on your right. 01.07.01
added the first pictures of my actual project at tu-berlin: the city of dreams with andrew holmes. you can see some animal-collages (go to architecture and hit the pulsating spot) 24.06.01
procida2k finished 23.06.01
nearly finished procida2k, only folk is missing 22.06.01
added first part of procida 2000 edition, these pix (to be found in private section) show the island of procida, fern, gecky and me in august 2k 21.06.01
added new pages (products, maybe they're too hard to find), repaired javascript links that didn't work under ms-internet-explorer 13.06.01
changed front interface 09.06.01
added virtual leipzig as vrml97 in archi - you need a vrml97 plugin to view it 25.04.01
added some berlinks - go to the links section and make a virtual webcam tour from west to eastern berlin 24.04.01
finally the flash movie in archi is working fine 06.04.01
changed front page, but always just constructions
added some plans in archi: it was intended to be an academy for 30 students of architecture(??). The flash-movie does not work properly at the moment. 12.03.01

moved underconstruction-pic, added flash-banner and some other flash-gimmicks.


added a few pix (private/silvester 2000) and improved layout

Tja, ich hab mal wieder an die homepage gedacht...hier wird sich bald wieder ein bisschen mehr tun, mehr bilder, flash-basiert, ... (hoffe ich), aber erst in ca. 2-3 Wochen 11.02.01