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i just uploaded my first movie - it is about inside-outside and can be downloaded in windows-avi-format (44 MB). the codec is divx and can be downloaded here for free if required. 12.11.02
sorry that there has been some delay for the dailypictures. I startet to work for university so sometimes it's difficult to update the section... 30.10.02
yesterday I came back from italy. today there's our opening session for heinrich-roller-strasse 8 in berlin. drop by if you like. 05.10.02
going to italy for some days, so please don't expect pics of the day every day. maybe (maybe) I will be able to put some images from there. 19.09.02
the f***-digicam has f+++in' errors nearly every day, there are just too many errors to live with at the moment, already the fifth (or so) time that all pictures are gone - and some of them will never come back. 13.09.02
today I came back from verdun and metz - unfortunately all my pictures have vanished from the digicam - error 888 - so i chose pictures of berlin from the end of august for the last days 02.09.02
I'm leaving one day later ;-) 28.08.02
I'm leaving berlin for a few days and don't think I will put daily pictures the following days but be assured that I will put them later 27.08.02
our NETWORK STARTED TODAY maybe (maybe!) you can see some more interactive stuff in the future - thanks to arnd heitmeier - if you're interested in his server-building-capabilities, check this 21.08.02
today we got a photocopy machine, that's what we ever wanted (apart from other things). 16.08.02
today I am back from darmstadt, where we put up the cardboard pavillon once more. some pictures can be seen in the daily-pix-gallery 13.08.02
first preview of homepage for bernd meinen is now online. in the future you will be able to order this incredible game online. 05.08.02
today we got lots of paper and many printing letters (two fonts) from the appartment of a former printer. we cleaned all the stuff and moved it to our atelier at heinrich-roller-str. 8 in prenzlauer berg 26.07.02
started the pic of the day. the weird frontend was removed but can still be found in news2001 15.07.02
our shop in berlin, heinrich-roller-str. 8 is going to be opened on july 20th, 2002. this will also be the vernissage for time lapse city berlin a exhibition of gesa buettner, berlin 14.07.02
Now the trailer really seams to be finished. Of course there are hundreds of other pictures, but for the moment, I think people have enough to see. 13.07.02
today I uploaded the pictures of our first night in the trailer at torino 12.07.02
another chapter of our famous trailer is now online. you can see the finishing of the facade and some electric installations. 10.07.02
now there are some short explanations about e-city in archi and of course another chapter of the famous trailer was uploaded 30.06.02
2 chapters of the trailer at piazza vittorio, torino, it in may 2002 uploaded. check for updates soon. 27.06.02
uploaded 3 new chapters of the e-city - trailer. now you can see the first aquisition and steel works in liverpool, uk 26.06.02
today I changed the frontpage and did some technical improvements which you shouldn't notice (otherwise they weren't improvements) 26.06.02
there's a new product on Tapeten - at the moment there is no other link to them than this: redgreen1 redgreen2 25.06.02
still working on the webpage of the cardboard pavillion we mounted in torino, it 24.06.02
there's a preview of our work in torino, italy, which is not yet linked, but can already be seen by clicking here 07.06.02
finally back in berlin and still looking for a nice room / apartment. if you wish to learn more about my actual situation, click here 02.06.02
I'm currently about to move my (nonvirtual) stuff to another location in berlin. untill may 22nd I will be in Torino, Italy for BIGTORINO 2002 as member of group slice252 08.04.02
added a series of private pictures: a walk near tübingen with fern in 1995. he scanned the slides, so they're available now. 27.03.02
slightly modified private section (a very few more pictures) 24.03.02
Finally added pictures last year's exhibition at aedes east (dreamcity) 11.03.02
added some ale pix 07.03.02
now there's a guestbook - feel free to contribute ) 02.02.02
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