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berlin heinrich-roller-strasse 8 markus and mortn

28.08.2003 other pix of the day
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sorry for this, but:


I will change the homepage as soon as there is some time for this. Of course, the old pics will remain on the server

uploaded a few updates for dailypictures, sorry for the delay, there are some of easa2003 in kalø, denmark, that are from other participants, as there have been some major problems with the digicam these days. 18.08.03
the united states of america? click here if you are curious 28.06.03
millions of disappointed visitors, now the show is going on. mortn transferred all the stuff to a new provider 23.05.03
back from zagreb and short break in tübingen 22.04.03
sorry that the server was down lately, blame on the »provider« 14.04.03
there is now a first testversion of all images dailypictures 2002 05.04.03
started some general updates (links) 01.03.03
due to very urgent university stuff there is sometimes no time for daily pics at the moment 27.01.03
today the products section was modified. go to private, then products 12.01.03
just a small update for archi-section, some really old stuff, actually the first project I did in university in 1998, click on escargot 10.01.03
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