mortns older pics of the day 08 2003 part II
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28.08.2003 berlin heinrich-roller-strasse 8 markus weber and martin
27.08.2003 london stansted airport - a glimpse on the runway
26.08.2003 ireland - monastery of glendalough
25.08.2003 dublin balcony
24.08.2003 dublin nice pub reflection
23.08.2003 ireland - ardee - wedding cars
22.08.2003 dublin smithfield village enclosure
21.08.2003 dublin smithfield village reflection
20.08.2003 dublin smithfield village chimney integration
19.08.2003 london stansted airport recreation area
18.08.2003 berlin mitte dorotheenstrasse reflection
17.08.2003 berlin mitte alexanderplatz haus des lehrers progress
16.08.2003 berlin mitte alexanderplatz dramatic lightning
01.08. - 15.08.03
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