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e-city is an urbanistic project that tries to involve the inhabitants of a city into the city planning process by cutting the city into handy slices and distributing them to the citizens.

in 2002 (19th april to 19th may) e-city has been part of BIG Torino 2002 exhibition in Turin, Italy, with group slice252. it was the first time, that slicing was applied to a real city. Proposals could be generated at slice252.org using a propriatory 3d-modelling tool or at the Cavalerizza Reale in Turin by building real models on cardboard-slices of the city.

in 2003 e-city participated in the urban festival zagreb (AdHoc 1-4). This time slicing was applied to Zagreb in Croatia. On site in Zagreb the trailer was used as an informal planning office, allowing everybody dropping by to choose a slice and make proposals using orthogonal or perspective fotographs. As 3d-slicing had proven partly complicated in Turin, and not to exclude those with few experience in thinking 3d-space, the website was completely relaunched and the ecc2.0 (easy-city-creator 2.0) released to public. The ecc2.0 offers easy access to slicing for everyone connected to the internet, enabling you to design and compose proposals for slices from everywhere in the world.

in Zagreb and Turin the trailer was means of transport as well as base of a cardboard - pavillon designed as a mobile planning workshop as well as a presentation facility to publish the contributions.


continue to the trailer pictures from Turin, Italy

or go to the official slice252-homepage

you can also download the design-report (2002, english, 1,2 MB), some postcards used for advertising 2003 in Zagreb or the complete trailer documentation (2004, german, 127 MB) in PDF


sticker used for advertising and to mark special points of interest in the city
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